Eliminate Usernames & Passwords
Rethink everything about login with UNS authentication

UNS infrastructure puts control in your hands

Passwords, an Ancient Solution for a Modern Problem

  • They are as old as civilization.  In the days of ancient Greece, sentries would challenge visitors to supply a password.

  • Passwords were first used in computer systems almost 60 years ago by MIT’s Compatible Time-Sharing System in 1961.

UNS Security is Humanly Possible
Existing Security best practices are designed for machines. Obeying them is beyond human abilities

  • They require total recall
    • Users have dozens of accounts, a handful of user names, and multiple devices
  • And perfect discipline
    • Unique usernames for each account
    • Strong, unique passwords with a complex combination of letters, numbers, special characters and caps 
  • Plus the supernatural ability to detect phishing, spoofing and social engineering attacks

None of us are perfect. The reality is that most people use a small number of passwords stored in stupid ways. And even fewer usernames. We click on email and text links.  

UNS requires no discipline, no mnemonic tricks and no psychic powers — Just a handy smartphone.


UNS Authentication

Commit, Challenge, Response

UNS public key infrastructure enables users to prove identity reliably and simply, without passwords.

  • Decentralized Authority

  • Distributed Infrastructure

  • Challenge Response Proofs

  • Asymmetric Key Cryptography

  • Unique Identity for Each Account

  • No Personally Identifiable Information Required

A simple, affordable, secure way to authenticate users without the expense and liability of maintaining your own method or sharing data with login providers.

How UNS Security Works

UNS authentication relies on trusted devices. Authentication is proof that the user has physical possession of their trusted device and is able to unlock it.

The UNS network consists of Guardian nodes that act as identity brokers for users, and Comptroller nodes for Internet services.  Each user chooses a Guardian they trust, and each Service chooses a Comptroller they trust.  Together, the network of Guardians and Controllers form a chain of trust between any user and any service.

  1. User installs the UNS authenticator app which generates a security certificate.
  2. UNS Guardian and Comptroller nodes handle the details of a challenge-response authentication protocol between User and Service.
  3. To logon the Service, the User only needs two things: access to one of their trusted devices, and the ability to unlock that device.

UNS Benefits for Business

  • Reduce user friction with a simplified login process

  • Strongest user authentication available (PKI)

  • Sybil Authentication flags sock puppet and bot accounts.

  • Protection from catastrophic data breaches

  • Improve compliance with privacy regulations

  • Save on software development and support

UNS Benefits for Users

  • Choose an organization YOU trust as your Identity Guardian

  • Simple, easy account registration and login across any screen

  • Unique identity for each service to keep your information private

  • Account management system makes it simple to Opt OUT

Those who sacrifice privacy for the sake of security will enjoy neither.

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