About Us

How It All Started

Shortly after a successful exit of our last startup, CodeGuard, Jonathan and Jonah began discussing a replacement for username and password.

As a security hawk who frequently appears as an expert witness in IP and security cases, Jonathan has read the forensic reports of dozens of data breaches and other successful hacking incidents. He was  focused on password hygiene and delegation of access.  As an analytics and marketing consultant, Jonah has helped companies deploy analytics suites and  target users. He wanted to make it easier for users to create separate personas to reduce the involuntary sharing of Personally Identifiable Information.

They both knew it had to work seamlessly for desktop and mobile.

After many months of arguments thought experiments looking at different solutions and features, they realized that online privacy and security are two views of the same problem. You can’t solve one without addressing both and the solution is rooted in creating Internet infrastructure for authentication.

Our Mission

Our mission to create a distributed, secure, zero-knowledge authentication infrastructure for the Internet which can be used by any service that need simple, reliable authentication.

The project is ambitious but our roadmap is paved with proven technology.

If we succeed, we will:

  • Help users regain control of their privacy

  • Reduce the risk of hacking

  • Enable thousands of new use cases powered by creative global entrepreneurs

  • And eliminate usernames and passwords.

UNS Leadership

Our team has over 70 years of experience in designing and building websites and applications for organizations ranging from small not-for-profits to fortune 10 companies.

Jonah, Jonathan and John are all veteran entrepreneurs and small business owners who are passionate about creating value for customers.  Jonathan and Jonah co-founded CodeGuard which was acquired by Comodo CA in 2018.

Alexander Todorovic

Chief Executive Officer

Sophia Paleologou

Chief Information Officer

Jonathan Hochman

Jonathan Hochman
Systems Architect

Jonah Stein
Business Development