Here is some really great advice that almost no one will follow.  The FBI warns users to keep IoT Devices on a separate WiFi Network.

Isolating IoT devices on their own network is the best course of action for both home users and companies alike, this wasn’t the FBI’s only advice on dealing with IoT devices.

  • Change the device’s factory settings from the default password. A simple Internet search should tell you how—and if you can’t find the information, consider moving on to another product.
  • Passwords should be as long as possible and unique for IoT devices.
  • Many connected devices are supported by mobile apps on your phone. These apps could be running in the background and using default permissions that you never realized you approved. Know what kind of personal information those apps are collecting and say “no” to privilege requests that don’t make sense.
  • Make sure all your devices are updated regularly. If automatic updates are available for software, hardware, and operating systems, turn them on.

Security best practices are, at best, frequently complex and daunting for the average user. At worst, they demand a combination of discipline and a near photographic memory that is impossible for mere mortals.