Existing authentication systems are expensive

  • Building and supporting authentication systems costs business billions in software development expense.

  • Customer support for login wastes everyone’s time dealing with the same issue again and again and again.

  • Login causes friction, reduces engagement, increases shopping cart abandonment and damages your top line.

  • Despite these costs, data breaches are still common. They destroy trust in business and create liability.

UNS Benefits for Users

  • Choose an organization YOU trust as your Identity Guardian

  • Simple, easy account registration and login across any screen

  • Unique identity for each service to keep your information private

  • Account management system makes it simple to Opt OUT

Those who sacrifice privacy for the sake of security will enjoy neither.

UNS Benefits for Businesses

  • Reduce user friction with a simplified login process

  • Strongest user authentication available (PKI)

  • Sybil Authentication flags sock puppet and bot accounts

  • Protection from catastrophic data breaches

  • Improve compliance with privacy regulations

  • Save on software development and support

UNS Authentication as a Service eliminates username and password and the need for businesses to build and maintain their own system.