Google says IOS users can say goodbye to their Yubico security keys and use their iPhone as a physical 2FA key when logging into Google services in Chrome.  Google already let Android phones work as physical keys, so now everyone can take advantage of this functionality.

Google Prompt already allowed users to complete out of bounds 2FA challenges by opening the Google App on their phones but this goes one step further because it works over Bluetooth, rather than connecting over the Internet.

This improved user experience is certainly a  step in the right direction…as long you are willing to face Mountain View when you pray.

Not everyone will At the moment, is appears to operate exclusively within the Google ecosystems walled gardens.

No word on whether this addition to Google’s Advance Protection Program will ever be extended to Safari, Firefox, Edge or work with other browsers.

It is also unclear if it will ever work for 3rd party apps or IOT.