Federated Identity Without PII

Authentication as Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Scan

2. Confirm

3. Smile

Securely authenticate users without the expense and liability of
maintaining your own method or sharing data with login providers.

No Shared Secrets – No Stolen Credentials – No PII

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Surrendering PII for Access
is a recipe for disaster

  • Repetition Guarantees Failure
    The more places our PII. is stored, the less secure it is. Eventually, all of our secrets are revealed.

  • Trust Assigned to Unwilling Parties
    Cell phone companies and email service providers never agreed to protect our identity….Or our privacy.

  • No Receipts
    Application providers grant access based on knowledge-based proof but have no way to demonstrate that the user conducted the authentication.

  • Liability & Insurance Costs
    Over 4,000 known data breaches cost companies over $2 trillion in 2020.  80% of these exposed PII, costing $150 per compromised record.  Cyber insurance premiums increased an average of 176% in 2021 and are expected to double again in 2022.

Existing Access and Identity Management solutions assume the user can recall shared secrets
and public identifiers that are stored in the services’ user table.

UNS Federated Identity API offers a user-focused, federated Single Sign On system with the convenience of social logins and the security of digital signatures without sacrificing privacy.  UNS is designed around four privacy principles:

  1. Users control their identity
    Trust in UNS derives from encryption keys which users generate on their devices.
  2. No Personally Identifiable Information
    UNS Authentications do not contain username, email address, phone numbers or any other personally identifiable information about the users.
  3. Chain of Trust
    Tickets are digitally signed by all parties to provide an auditable record for every authentication.
  4. Proof Based Authentication
    Services set the required level of attestation for each ticket.

See our User Privacy Policy

The Universal Name System was designed to put and end to the privacy and security dilemma without sacrificing either.

  1. UNS is standards based
  2. All of our code is open source and available for inspection.
  3. UNS uses no black boxes, no proprietary algorithms, and no secret code.
  4. Authentications in UNS are verified using JSON Web Token

Our “secret recipe” is an elegant twist of existing technologies to enable services to use best in class cryptographic solutions and an integrated workflow for any attestation type.

  • How to agree on an intermediary for authentication
  • How to manage key generation and revocation for every service
  • How to sync access across user devices without transmitting keys

Here is how it works.

UNS FederatedID delivers a robust privacy and security system specification built around time tested REST-ful APIs and Resource Description Framework schema.

The UNS Project offers an open source reference implementation built with Javascript and node.js so you have access to a common, broad, and deep example. Adopt and customize the reference implementation to satisfy your own requirements in your preferred programming language and standard operating environment.

UNS provides the flexibility you need to meet your operational and business requirements.

View the Javascript Reference Implementation here

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