How it works

The UNS network consists of Guardian nodes representing users, and Gatekeeper nodes representing services. Together, the UNS nodes form a chain of trust between any user and any service. Guardian and Gatekeeper combine direct and out of bounds communication to verify User and Service.1

How UNS Authentication works


  • Each user chooses a Guardian they trust.2

  • UNS authentication relies on trusted devices protected with biometrics.
  • User installs the UNS authenticator app which generates a self-signed security certificate when a user registers for an account.3
  • Authentication is proof that the user has physical possession of their registered device and is able to unlock it.



  • Each Services chooses a Gatekeeper they trust.

  • Services register their namespace with their Gatekeeper, where the namespace is the set of all possible account identifiers for that Service.

  • When a user registers for an account on a namespace using UNS, the Gatekeeper associates the user’s unique account identifier with an anonymous hash provided by the user’s Gatekeeper.4