No More Passwords

Rethink everything about login with UNS authentication.

  • Designed for simplicity

  • Designed for security

  • Designed for privacy
UNS infrastructure puts control in your hands

UNS allows you to securely access all of your accounts from any computer using the camera on your smartphone.

Daily life demands that we create and remember a new password for almost every single thing we do—reading the news, paying bills, or simply ordering a pizza. The promise of online convenience has been broken by antiquated authentication solutions with unrealistic security best practices.

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Password security is impossible.

Existing identity and security best practices are designed for machines. Obeying them is beyond human abilities.

  • They require perfect recall and perfect discipline to create and remember strong, unique passwords for dozens of accounts.

  • We’re supposed to have the superhuman ability to detect phishing, spoofing and social engineering attacks.

  • Usernames and email addresses are a ephemeral and fragmented representation of identity. Most users have a handful of preferred usernames and 2 or more active email addresses.

Users Need Security – None of us is perfect. Most people use a small number of passwords stored in stupid ways. And even fewer usernames. We blithely click on email and text links.

UNS is the first truly human-centered computer security solution — requiring no discipline and no mental gymnastics – just a handy smartphone.

UNS addresses the cause.

Everyone else treats the symptoms..

  • Passwords are 60 year-old solution built on a 5000 year-old idea. Password security predates the Internet by 10 years.

  • Companies have invested an enormous amount of time and money developing variations on this basic idea, duplicating effort without making progress.

  • Hierarchical delegation of trust from central authorities endangers individual privacy and security.

Users Need a Solution – UNS replaces passwords with a secure, distributed authentication infrastructure for everyone.

Stay dry with 2nd factor umbrellification

A simple, affordable, secure way to authenticate users without the expense and liability of maintaining your own method or sharing data with login providers.

21st Century Technology Demands
21st Century Infrastructure

  • Every aspect of modern life is online, yet we depend on an ancient username and password paradigm to protect our property, our privacy and our liberty.
  • The jumble of different authentication rituals has created a user experience best described as misery and mayhem.

  • The costs of identity theft, data breaches and cyber-attacks are borne by individuals, businesses and society as a whole while criminals are left to profit.
  • The tradeoffs between security, privacy, and usability have yielded none of these.

Users Need Simplicity. It’s time to change our approach to privacy and security. It’s time for UNS.

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