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UNS is a simple, secure way to authenticate users without the expense & liability of maintaining your own method or sharing data with login providers.

No Shared Secrets – No Stolen Credentials – No PII

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Universal Name System (UNS) is built on established PKI standards.

We use https for transport, JSON Web Tokens for claims, and x509 certificates for verifying signatures. We have no black boxes,  no proprietary algorithms, and no secret code. All of our code is open source and available for inspection.

Our  “secret recipe” is an elegant twist using existing technologies to solve three problems that have prevented digital signature authentication from gaining mass adoption:

  • How to agree on an intermediary for authentication
  • How to manage key generation and revocation for every service
  • How to sync access across user devices without transmitting keys
Universal Name System isn’t just a phrase, it is a philosophy. Here is how it works.

UNS is designed to stop users from having to choose between convenience and privacy.

UNS approves an authentication request if a user can prove they are in possession of a device containing the private key that corresponds to the public key associated with an account.

UNS authentications contain no personally identifiable information.  UNS uses digital signatures on JSON Web Token by the user’s private key and verified with the user’s public key to confirm an authentication.

Authentications do not contain username, email address, phone numbers or any other personally identifiable information about the users. If any PII is used to verify ownership of a devices or an account, that information is stored using a 1-way hash and is not shared with the service requesting authentication.

See our User Privacy Policy

UNS is a simple, affordable, secure way to authenticate users without the expense and liability of maintaining your own method or sharing data with login providers.

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UNS is currently in beta. A limited number of API licenses are available on a first come, first serve basis.

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21st Century Technology Demands 21st Century Infrastructure

21st Century Technology Demands 21st Century Infrastructure

Users Need Simplicity. It’s time to change our approach to privacy and security. It’s time for UNS.

  • Every aspect of modern life is online, yet we depend on an ancient username and password paradigm to protect our property, our privacy and our liberty.
  • The jumble of different authentication rituals has created a user experience best described as misery and mayhem.

  • The costs of identity theft, data breaches and cyber-attacks are borne by individuals, businesses and society as a whole while criminals are left to profit.
  • The tradeoffs between security, privacy, and usability have yielded none of these.

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