Goodbye P@sswørd!

Hello Privacy and Security

Easy As 1, 2, 3

1. Scan

2. Confirm

3.  Smile

UNS is a simple, secure way to authenticate users without the expense & liability of maintaining your own method or sharing data with login providers.

No Shared Secrets – No Stolen Credentials – No PII

21st Century Technology Demands 21st Century Infrastructure

21st Century Technology Demands 21st Century Infrastructure

Users Need Simplicity. It’s time to change our approach to privacy and security. It’s time for UNS.

  • Every aspect of modern life is online, yet we depend on an ancient username and password paradigm to protect our property, our privacy and our liberty.
  • The jumble of different authentication rituals has created a user experience best described as misery and mayhem.

  • The costs of identity theft, data breaches and cyber-attacks are borne by individuals, businesses and society as a whole while criminals are left to profit.
  • The tradeoffs between security, privacy, and usability have yielded none of these.

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